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Book Review – On the Edge – Ilona Andrews January 13, 2010

Posted by Realitybypass in Book Review, Book Series, Romance, Urban Fantasy.

Happy Wednesday, Folks.

Yeah, second week back to work is easier than the first. Well, at least back to the day job, some work never takes a vacation. 🙂

Today’s review features On the Edge, by the lovely Ilona Andrews. We’ve reviewed some of her Kate Daniels books here before with much love, so feel free to go see what we thought of that. On the Edge is NOT a Kate novel but the first book in a new series which I’d classify as a paranormal romance. I’ve been following Ms Andrews blog for a long time and spent much of the lead up to this book eating up snippets, so I was excited to pick it up.

This leads to a CONTEST announcement!  I actually picked up two copies back in October when it released but I ended up giving one away for a contest and the other to my best friend for her birthday and realized I was bookless.  Now I have two copies again because I bought one for myself for Christmas and so did my husband.  Soo…I’ve a copy that needs a good home.  Contest will be open until Sunday night and one commenter will get my unread copy of On the Edge.

Now, back to review things.  This was a fun read and a quick one.  The flow of the writing is very easy to get into with a good balance of action, humor and romance.  I really enjoyed the family dynamic as it’s so easy to get the hard bitten heroine, and here Rose is a loving sister and granddaughter who is trying to do everything and take care of everyone.  As the oldest of six and mother of two I empathized immediately with much of her situation. Okay, not the magical aspect or being pursued by highly messed up hounds, but ripped shoes and getting kids to school and the toy aisle at WalMart were right up there.

Rose’s love interest, Declan, was amusing to me as well.  There were moments where the high blood arrogance got on my nerves, but those were around the same moments when Rose would verbally poke him or something would happen to show that there was much more to the story than met the eye.  The logistics of why he’s at Rose’s door and what he really wants both in the beginning and at the end had me giggling.  It’s human nature to make assumptions and in this case they both jump to conclusions which get Declan and Rose in trouble with themselves and others.  The younger brothers, George and Jack, were delightful as was Grandma.  I appreciate very much the skill this author has with secondary characters.  I’ve never read an Andrews book where the secondaries weren’t just as round as the primary characters, but were still secondaries.  This also applies to William and his painful story and need to be accepted.  Bayou Moon, the next book in the series, is William’s story and I’m hoping to see him end up in a happier place!

All in all this was delightful and fun.  I guessed a lot of what was going to happen in the plot, but it didn’t matter because the method of getting there was interesting and fun.

“Grab the guns and get in the truck, we’re going to WalMart…” – On the Edge

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Age: 15+

Content:  Some sexual content, mushing of badguys, violence, magic, family, lurve

Overall: 4.5 paws