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Dry Aging Experiment and The Boys are Back in Town January 22, 2010

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My husband is a wonderful man and a very good cook.  He’ll try just about any recipe including girly desserts and breads, but his most favorite things are 1: Anything which goes on the grill and 2: large slabs of meat.  Last week, after watching way too much Alton Brown, he decided to try Dry Aging a roast then blogged about his experience.  It turned out really really good.  I’d happily eat it again!

The Great Dry Aging Experiment

I watched Supernatural last night and I’m happy to see the boys back in action.  This episode was interesting because it dealt with how they see their own actions.  As the wraith told them, they provide their own legos.

In other news I am a revising fool.  I’ve chopped about 2000 words off of a 115000 word WIP from Kristen and I.  I want it down to a lean 90-100K.  I don’t think it really needs anything more than that to tell this story.  The chopping and hacking is bringing it together in a better flow and I like that.

Quote from Emile:

“I guarantee once you’ve been with me, you’ll beg for more. It’s not size which matters, it’s the experience. And I have centuries.”