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Book Review – Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George January 27, 2010

Posted by Realitybypass in Book Review, Fantasy, Young Adult.

It’s another blustery snowy day in the mountains of Utah and I’m wishing I could be at home reading instead of at the day job, but I like getting a paycheck so here I be.  🙂

Today we’re talking about Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George.  This is a fairytale retelling…well…a fairytale fleshing out is likely more accurate.  She follows very closely the traditional lines of the East of the Sun, West of the Moon fairytale, fleshing it out by adding more breadth to the characters and some detailing.  All in all it’s an enjoyable read.  George has a good knack for fairytale language and the book flowed well.  I found that I liked the ‘lass’, since she doesn’t have a name, for the most part.  I liked that she was industrious and generally sensible, for example when she finds she needs new clothing she doesn’t ask for clothing from the servants but rather cloth so she can make clothing herself.  Her prince suffers from what a lot of prince’s suffer from which is a lack of real character development.  He’s handsome and falls in love with her and was a third son but doesn’t feel particularly lucky, so ideal for a fairytale love, but leaves me wondering if they’ll get home to his golden palace and she’ll discover he still farts like a bear.

There are a few other places where the author sets up a clue which didn’t get the pay off that I was expecting.  I found this a bit disappointing, since such a big deal had been made through the whole book and in the end it didn’t matter.  I’m trying not to be spoilery here, but that’s a tall order.  Let’s just say the power of naming should have been more important in my opinion.

All in all I’d read another of Ms. George’s book, but I definitely consider it fairly light reading.


Genre: Fairytale

Age:  10+

Content: True lurve, adventure, romance

Overall: 3/5  paws



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