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Ahh…Love February 15, 2010

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As most folks are aware this past weekend was Valentines Day, or as I prefer to think of it, Singles Awareness Appreciation Day (SAAD).  Even as a married person Valentines is not my favorite holiday.  Fortunately it’s not my husband’s favorite either, so we’re pretty equal in that.  He doesn’t like it because it’s a holiday where in men, even when they do all the right things, tend to take it in the chops and I just spent too many V-days alone or with girlfriends sharing in the frustration.  So…we’ve made the holiday our own.  Every year my sweetie and I exchange the same Valentine gift…windshield wipers.  It’s highly practical and also useful as the darn things should be changed about once a year anyway.  Then we reaffirm our love by ordering in food so no one has to cook or make a mess and watching TV together.  It ain’t fancy, but it’s love.

This year my sweetie added one little thing to the routine.  He painted my fingernails.  The act itself was adorable, but then he produced Mickey Mouse decals and put those on, all in prep for our upcoming trip to Disney World.

It ain’t traditional candy and roses, but it works for us.

How about you, gentle reader?  What non traditional things do you do to celebrate the relationships in your life?



Wednesday Book Review: The Penelopiad February 10, 2010

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The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood is a retelling of the Odyssey from Penelope’s point of view. Called by man a Feminist or sometimes just Feminine novel, it examines the famous characters from the Odyssey and gives the other perspective on one of the most famous women in literature.  Atwood’s prose is what makes this novel so difficult to put down, you almost immediately step into Penelope’s head space and you forget that you already know the ending to the story. It’s refreshed beautifully, and the Odysseus/Penelope relationship isn’t idealized, but there’s something compelling about seeing another side of the story. And while the perspective is from Penelope in the 21st Century Hades looking back on the events, the book manages to avoid gross anachronism in characterizations. I particularly liked how Margaret Atwood rewrites the end, where Penelope in the Odyssey doesn’t recognize Odysseus, which never seemed to make sense in the Penelopiad her cunning is shown as she uses her wits to help him in turn. Penelope is as clever as Odysseus in this version of the myth. Now what I didn’t like is the last few chapters of the narrative, where the narration style becomes more poetic and the book more openly feminist and theoretical. It seemed after all the story to be preachy or to overstate the message of the book itself.

Genre: Historical fantasy

Age: Adult, mature teen

Content: Sexual references, rape, death, murder

Overall: 4/5  paws

Tuesday Teaser…. February 2, 2010

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I felt like playing a little game today, one I was pondering as I prepared for my homework for class. As such… over the next week, go ahead and post in comments for me the answer to these questions:

P.S. Using Wikipedia or anything other than your brain cels is NOT allowed.

What are the names of the horses/ships/cars of these famous men:

Alexander the Great

Robert E. Lee

Ulysses S. Grant

Christopher Colombus

George Armstrong Custer

Sir Malcolm Cambell

Then…. for the next step I want you to try to then name their wives, first name is sufficient. Don’t cheat and read the comments! Just write them down and post them, I’ll get back to you with the answers next Tuesday.

Oh and at the end, for my ease please put your totals as Women: #, Horses:#. I knew Women: 0 , Horses/Ships/etc.: 3