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Movie Review: X-Men First Class June 7, 2011

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Last night the hubby and I went with a big group of friends to see X-Men First Class.  I’ve been excited about this movie for a while, though I admit it was excited mixed with trepidation.  After X-Men III I was in a horrid mood and rather loudly reviewed the movie with a big “I hate you” both in the theater and in writing later.  The characters, the storyline, the plot hole you could drive a mac truck through were all just about enough to make me swear off X-Men movies forever.

Then earlier this year I started doing some freelance article writing for the Deseret News and one of my assignments was to give a beginners guide to the X-Men for viewers who were new to the X-Men universe, but wanted to see the movie.  It was a fun article to write and required quite a bit of research into the new movie and reviewing things I’d known, or hadn’t, about the comics.  By the time I was finished with the article I was cautiously excited about the movie.  This version looked like someone had taken time to really explore the characters and to create a storyline that was consistent to itself and true enough to the comic book world that it would be fun.

Well…all of this was entirely right.  The movie was charming and satisfying to the array of people who came with us, from hard core comic book fans to those who has very little comic book background or interest.  I very much enjoyed the characterizations and the exploration of characters that we didn’t have much specific information about before.  Such as seeing Charles Xavier doing his thing as a Ladies Man.  Hysterical.  Also they did a good job at tying this into the existing movie continuity by using things like the recurring chess board motif and building powerful relationships which make the betrayals in future movies all the better.  I love the exploration of personal character motivations and how each personal story ties into the greater plot.

If I think about the film too hard there are things I can think of which didn’t totally work, but most of those are minor and in the end…  Best X-Men movie so far!