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“A song of ice and fire” book 5 released! July 12, 2011

Posted by kmcalear in Book Debut, Fantasy.

Hello blogland!

I found out one of the very nice perks of the kindle, you get your pre-orders nearly immediately upon hitting the release date! Yay! July 12, 2011 is the release date for the epic novel A Dance with Dragons which continues the stories of the characters of George R. R. Martin’s A song of ice and fire series. It’s hard to believe that I started reading these novels over a decade ago!

Now normally I would re-read the old novels in order to catch up, but A song of ice and fire are over 1000 pages each, and I do tend to warn people they are “stressful” books. The plots are intriguing and the books are hard to put down, but no character is actually safe in the series. George Martin kills characters off that you never expect to bite the big one!

That said, there’s something compelling about these novels and they tend to keep me up until the wee hours of the morning turning page after page. Thankfully I just found a really good summary/recap for those of you who, like me, can’t quite recall where everything left off.




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