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Review : The Messenger July 6, 2011

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This novel is a little slow to get started, but about 60 pages into it I really became intrigued with the story. For one thing it opens with the recruiting of a character you don’t see hardly at all later in the novel. As an editor I would have removed that “first chapter” because it set a tone for the story that was not continued later in the story. I was expecting more of a ‘ghost’ story than the supernatural thriller it became, because of the opening chapter. That said, however, the story is intriguing and I liked the twist on the Immortals idea Burke uses. The character of Tyler was also engaging, as was Amanda, although they remained a little flat. I wouldn’t say they’re complete charicatures or tropes, although you have the “awkward girl meets dashing handsome lover” theme, but Burke manages to avoid complete cliche enough to keep me reading. I loved the ‘cemetary dog’ concept and I think Shade may have been my favorite character.  I also rather liked the creepiness and dark appetites of the villian. My biggest critique of the story, I think, is that the end of the novel is very predictable in a Happily Ever After fashion and that there weren’t any true ‘keep you up with the lights on’ scares in the novel. In the end it was entertaining, readable, but an average novel.

Genre:  Fantasy, Ghost story, Mystery

Age: Pre-teen – Adult

Content:  Very little of consequence, some characters drink heavily, violence in the kidnappings and the war flashback

Overall: 3/5


Wednesday Book Promo: Two For the Dough April 22, 2009

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‘allo there gentle reader.  It’s that time of week where in we speak of books read and enjoyed or not so enjoyed or…well…something.

First though, I want to draw your attention to a contest happening over at Bitten by Books, which is a faboo website no matter how you cut it.  One of our favorite authors, Anton Strout (yes, his second book wasn’t my favorite but I still have faith) is being interviewed and answering questions and there is a fabulous prize to be won.  Go and read.

Anyway…moving onto the book for today.  Two For the Dough by Janet Evanovitch has been around for ten years or so and is a mystery/chick lit/humor piece.  I have a hard time defining it, but you can find her books in the mystery section of most libraries and book stores.   This series is going on sixteen books and on a whim I started rereading (Or relistening too, audio books good) the series in the last couple of months.  Two For the Dough features Stephanie Plum, an ex lingery sales woman from the Jersey Berg who has hired on as her cousins bond bail enforcement agent (bounty hunter) and the trouble she gets into.  I like these books a lot.  They’re a decent mystery with the amusement of a woman with a family with recognizable amounts of crazy, friends who are even more so, boyfriend situations that swing between sweet, sizzling and rage all backed by pot roast and trips to the beauty salon.  For me this is a fun brain candy series of books and I find I can step into the series at just about any point and get my barrings enough to read and enjoy.  I don’t feel any need to own all sixteen volumes, but definitely a fun ride.  Stephanie is smart and sassy, but still very much a girly girl even though she gets much better at her apprehending folks as the books go on.  Perhaps my favorite technique from this book is a stun gun to the rear end of a perp who thinks mooning her will make her go away.  He…like everyone in the series…should learn it takes more than that to get rid of Stephanie Plum!

Genre:  Mystery/Chick Lit

Age: Adult

Content: Brief sexuality, language, severed body parts

Overall:  Borrow