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Link Salad September 28, 2009

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It’s one of those Mondays.  The type where my brain is refusing to fire on cylinders and complaining loudly that I didn’t really take much of the weekend off to let it be a vegetable, so why not now?  The discussion goes something like this:

Me:  Come on Brain we have work to do.  Serious worky work.

Brain: Don’t wanna.  We haven’t taken a good break in a long time.  Let’s daydream about killer mermaids.

Me: We can’t do that.  This is work and they will fire us if we are brainless.

Brain: Oh, come on.  You don’t even li…

Me:   You can’t say that on the blog.  See previous get fired and then there will be no moneys and no moneys means no foods and the stomach will revolt and bad things happen thereafter.

Brain: Phooey.

Me:  Come on.

Brain: Fine…but later tonight I’m going to torture you with dreams about lemmings!

Yeah, so I’m doomed to dream about odd things and figured it was safer to make today link salad, so here you go:

* It’s Banned Book Week.  Go check out the frequently challenged books and read a banned book this week in support of the freedom to read and think!

* Jim C Hines is the author of the wonderful Step Sister Scheme and the soon to be released Mermaid’s Madness.  He also writes a set of goblin books which I’m tempted to give my boys except that we have enough snot accidents without help.  Today he made me laugh…he does that a lot.

* And the 25 best episodes from the Whedonverse according to EW.

Go forth.  Read.  Give your brain a break.  Heaven knows mine wants one.