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Book Review: Dead Witch Walking January 21, 2010

Posted by kmcalear in Book Review, Book Series, Urban Fantasy.
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Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison is my most recent read, and I wish I had picked it up off my bookshelf much sooner than I did. I really enjoyed the novel, particularly because it didn’t repeat one of my Primo Numero Uno complaints about heroines in Urban Fantasy, the Bitch Factor. I don’t understand why the female heroes have to be smart mouthed to be interesting, powerful or face Bad Guys. Sometimes I think they speak up and insult their enemies when being silent, or not provoking them would be far wiser. Rachel Morgan still has ample One Liners, and good retorts, but what I like about her is she’s NOT your typical smart mouth. She’s resourceful and clever, and does make mistakes. It’s a big pro of the book.

Other Pros: The Pixie characters , while starting to show up in a lot of Urban fantasy, are very interesting in Harrison’s series. She gives a very unique definition to the pixie culture and behavior. The plot is fast paced and interesting, ties up enough loose ends while leaving questions open for further books. Oh and there’s a sexy librarian as a love interest, who has just a touch of magical power.

Cons: Rachel really has way too many Freak Out moments over her vampire roommate, which don’t seem to really fit in the development. The vampire, Ivy, is a flat character and could use some more development. In fact many of the sub characters could use a bit of development.

book cover of   Dead Witch Walking    (Rachel Morgan, book 1)  by  Kim Harrison

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Adventure

Age: Teen/Adult

Content: Curses, Assasination attempts, references to prostitution, mild violence

Overall: 4  paws