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All in a new year’s work… January 11, 2010

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It’s about time I came out of hibernation. Don’t worry, even my family was sending me phone messages asking me “Kristen, where have you been?” I don’t know what it is about that end of semester crunch, but I always end up vanishing for a good week or two and avoiding having to be much of anywhere. But I’m back, and going to dutifully return to keeping up with posting among other things.

So what are the New Years Resolutions on this end? I have a few, actually.

1) Manage to work on Dissertation proposal AND papers early to save the fits of tears and horror, that come with Comprehensive exams.

2) Lose ten pounds, which involves eating better, DDR every day for 45 minutes, and sleeping more.

3) Finding time to write creatively. I  took a vacation from that too into the realm of online RPGs, papers, and working 2 jobs+classes.

4)¬†Donating 3/4 of my closet… and replacing it over the next few months. 90%% of the clothing is old… very very old. Retirement to pasture old…. I don’t know why I keep shirts I hate, and never wear and they stay clean because I’d rather wash clothes at midnight than wear them. It’s strange.

5) Continuing with piano and singing… because it’s fun!

So what resolutions did you all make?