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Movie Review: Captain America July 29, 2011

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“He’s the star spangled man with a plan!!!”

Okay, so maybe not.

Bunneh and I went to see Captain America on Wednesday and, as my husband put it, We were “completely charmed.”  The setting was perfect, the story and plot worked beautifully, the romance was heartbreaking and the chemistry between the actors in various positions were perfect.  This was the Captain America I love.  A man who was patriotic and determined to do the right thing and defend others whether he was a scrawny 90 pound asthmatic or a buff butt kicking superhero.  He was a good man and became a better man not just because of a serum or a process, but by choice.  I love that.  I love what it represents for good people anywhere.

I could get into a lot of specific details as to why we loved it, but it boils down to all the right things coming together to create a movie that reminded us about things like courage and friendship and faith.  Not to mention Agent Carter, the love interest, kicks butt in her own right, so we had a couple who were balanced and yet put everything else in front of sex and even romance because they both knew this was war and what had to be priority.  We don’t see, or at least don’t hear about, nearly as many examples of such selflessness but it is poignant and powerful.

All in all go see this movie.  Even if you aren’t a comic book buff, go see it.  Of all the superhero movies I’ve seen in the last couple of years, this one is by far the most relatable to by both comic book fans and non fans.  And if you’re looking forward to The Avengers stay through the credits.  Otherwise, run before the lyrics to Star Spangled Man infest your brain.



Transformers: Crude and Fallen June 30, 2009

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After several weeks of insanity it seems like we’re pretty much getting back into the swing of things, so that means returning to our lovely fans in cyberspace. YAY.

Last night I went and saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I walked out of the theater in a huff and sudden understanding of why the movie is getting around a 21% on the tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes. Now, before anyone points fingers to say that I just don’t understand know that I am a big fan of the Transformers. I very much enjoyed the first movie. I watched the animated cartoon. I read comic books. I’ve seen the animated movie and I had the toys! I ever wrote Transformers fanfic, and if that doesn’t make me a fangirl I’m not sure what does. So trust me when I say I WANTED this to rock. I wanted this to be as good as Star Trek was, as the first one was…and I was sorely disappointed.

My points of contention:

1: Potty humor. I did not go to this movie to see dogs and tiny robots humping each other and people’s legs. I did not need to see the thong worn by a less than attractive man. I did not need the ‘twins’ gangster thing at all. I did not need the robot testicle jokes. and on and on. Most of the movie was full of things a 15 year old boy finds funny. Maybe they thought that was the target audience.

2: Unnecessary and unconvincing love plot. The Sam/Mikela moments didn’t work for me. I didn’t believe the chemistry, lack there of, or the motivations. Flat flat flat and TOO much movie time spent on it. It’s a Transformers movie, not a romantic comedy.

3: No character development and too many new characters. So many new bots got introduced that you didn’t even mourn them when they got blown up because no great loss. At times it was difficult to tell who was beating on who, and as a fangirl I can usually tell you by name who’s doing what. And the characters were not well connected. Big things happen, things which should be emotionally powerful happen and everyone stands there woodenly and goes…erm…oh… The friendships and connection just wasn’t there. Characters were mock ups, without any significant punch. Even Optimus lacked in these ways, though I think he was the closest to having it together.

4: Shaky cam. Who decided that making you want to barf was a good way to shoot a movie? Please direct me at them so I can hurt them.

5: Weird plotting in both subject and pace. There were at least two fairly decent plots in this movie, neither of which was fully played out and the climax was very anticlimatic. Couple of things go boom in about 30 seconds and the whole plot is solved. Sheesh.

The few things I liked:

1: The soundtrack. Some really nice orchestral themes here, particularly for Optimus Prime.

2: Peter Cullen voicing Optimus Prime. That’s a voice from my childhood and it just wouldn’t be right without him.

3: The early fight scenes. There were a couple of really good ones early on. The last one was just a mash of explosions and insanity.

4: Jetfire. He brought back old memories and even though he wasn’t the Jetfire I remember, he had the closest thing to a personality on the screen.

5: Megatron and StarScream snark. Hah…grumping at each other again.

So there you have it. I won’t own this one. I don’t wanna see it again, and unless the next one is highly cleaned up and given purpose…I won’t see it either.